Happy Feet Ritual

My dad probably needs to take the blame, or rather the credit, for instigating my reverence for feet and feeling it very important to take care of them.  Growing up, I saw him wash his feet regularly in a basin and he took great pride in his feet, boasting a bit about how great they were!

Our experiences in childhood impacts on us, some for good and some otherwise.

But I really appreciate the simple, basic, sound practices imparted to me through modelling- seeing what my parents did, not just what they told me to do.

I love my feet, totally appreciating them. They connect me to the Earth. They help me get around and perform many actions necessary for me to survive.

Walking barefoot on grass, sand, stones all help ground me in times of need- when I’m too much in my head or when I have had too much time on devices or simply, had a lot of time engaging with others and my head feels strange .

Our feet deserve care and attention. So, I share a Happy Feet Ritual here for you to try.

It’s a lovely way to bring nurture to ourselves and to take care of our feet in the process.

Karuna Essentials Happy Feet Ritual  

  • Prepare a basin of hot water
  • Be sure the basin is big enough to fit both your feet up to your ankles.
  • Add a half to a cupful of Epsom salts. You could also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.( MY piece of heaven is to add few drops of Frankincense essential oil).
  • Give time for the Epsom salts to dissolve 
  • Be sure to check the temperature before putting your feet in to avoid scalding. 
  • Add some cold water if needed or wait a few minutes for the water to cool a while.
  • Soak your feet for 20 minutes or more. You may need to top up with hot water periodically.
  • Relax, unwind and just breathe. Maybe have some nice piece of music prepared to listen to as you enjoy these self-care moments.
  • After drying, massage Karuna Essentials Lemon Meringue Foot Butter onto the feet, being sure to spread around heels,  ankles and even the lower leg. Sumptuous and richly moisturising, your feet will feel very happy.

It’s amazing how many people think of feet as disgusting, and won’t let anybody touch or even get close to their feet.

A lot of healing can happen in overcoming this. 

However there may be underlying trauma and/or shame pieces that hold people back. In this case, a qualified psychotherapist should be sought out to support the person to heal.

Benefits of Epsom Salts 

  • Widely known to relax muscles and ease inflammation. Soothing for sore feet. 
  • This brings stress relief and an ability to unwind and relax.
  • Rich in magnesium, it can be a great way to get this important mineral into the body. Magnesium helps with promoting good sleep.
  • Can help remedy toe nail fungal infections and/or ingrown toe nail infections

(A drop or two of Karuna Essentials Calendula Oil can be massaged onto the nail and skin surrounding nail also, to help treat fungal infections. Studies have shown the anti- fungal activity of Calendula)

Antifungal activity of the essential oil from Calendula officinalis L. (asteraceae) growing in Brazil – PMC (nih.gov).  (PDF) Antifungal activity of Calendula officinalis (researchgate.net)

  • Has exfoliating properties helping to remove hard, dry skin. *** 
  • Can help reduce or prevent muscle cramping.

***It’s very beneficial to use a pumice stone, sand paper and/or a foot file to remove dead skin, after you have dried the feet. Then follow this up with the moisturising phase of this lovely foot care ritual.

USE Karuna Essentials Lemon Meringue Foot Butter

  • Very rich in moisturising ingredients, including Shea Butter Calendula Oil and Cocoa Butter.
  • Softens the skin
  • Soothes painful cracked heels 
  • Calms hot burning sensations on feet
  • Provides anti -fungal, anti- bacterial and anti- inflammatory effects.
  • Delightful, refreshing lemon fragrance to uplift the senses.

Give your feet the care they deserve.

We’re all about nurture and self- care at Karuna Essentials. We have top quality affordable solutions for your needs, Naturally! 


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