Mangala Face Cream

What’s in a name? Have you ever wondered how names come about for people, places or products?

Mangala came through in song. At the time of needing to come up with a name for our face cream, Karen was listening to Terry Oldfield’s ‘Journey into Space’ CD. Hearing the ‘Mangalam’ song she felt a strong resonance with the word Mangala.

Mangala is a Sanskrit word meaning auspicious.

So, good luck, success, happiness, being favoured by fortune, a good omen or blessing are all potential meanings imbued in this name of Mangala.

You can connect with these characteristics and qualities when applying Karuna Essentials Mangala Face Cream to your skin.

And we invite you to connect with the song that inspired Karen by listening to ‘Mangalam by Terry Oldfield and Soraya on YouTube (see below).

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