“A fool sees only the garment, the wise sees the soul”

I can’t remember when or where I saw this quote a long time ago but it’s so alive in me with the process I’m having with putting my Bali Body Oil and Breath of Bali fragrance on the website.

So aware that appearances and the external visuals mean so much in today’s business world. I have held back waiting to source the nicest, more luxurious looking bottle for this very special product.

I wanted to present it in the best possible way that would reflect the quality and essence of the content within. It took some time to perfect the fragrance that would capture the ‘Fragrance of Bali’. 

I have a strong magical and divine connection with Bali, having visited a special yoga ashram there on numerous occasions. I fell in love with the Frangipani flower and it’s fragrance, as well as other floral notes reminiscent of this magical land.

Inspired by this connection, I now have the fragrance of Bali available in our ‘Breath of Bali’ perfume oil and the nourishing regenerative ‘Bali Body Oil’

A Balinese girl @afiskitchenbundoran smelling the Bali Body Oil for the first time, delighted in it and exclaimed “home”.

I had true confirmation that I had nailed it!

So, the appearance will be improved in time. But as I have people asking to buy it from our website, I will not hold back on making it available. 

If you want to smell the exotic and sensuous Indonesian fragrances, buy your Breath of Bali perfume and/or Luxurious Bali Body Oil from our website today.


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