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Calendula Skincare

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Handcrafted. Naturally.

Karuna Essentials manufacture a wide range of superior handcrafted natural calendula skin products.

Our Calendula flowers are cultivated on site.

The petal heads are hand-picked and then dried prior to making the calendula-infused oil, which is used in all of the products. Each product reflects the healing power of nature and the personal attention from start to finish in the manufacturing process.

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Natural Skincare from Head to Toes

Karuna Essentials

From our natural shampoo bars, velvet lip balms right down to our sumptuous foot butter, Karuna Essentials have created natural skincare products for your whole body.

Karuna Essentials

Men’s Collection


Karuna Essentials

Our tailored men’s collection of Mangala face cream and Hot Cloth Cleanser are created using the same clean ingredients. 

These products are nourishing and hydrating for the most sensitive skin; fabulous as an aftershave balm to calm irritated skin.  And with the addition of myrrh and lime, they smell amazing too.

Karuna Essentials
Karuna Essentials

For Baby

Karuna Essentials

Our natural ingredients are gentle enough to use on little ones too.

Calendula oil has natural healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities that are safe to use on babies as well as adults.

Our Calendula Balm and Calendula Oil have been used by clients on their babies with great success.  

Karuna Essentials

100% natural ingredients

The Benefits of Calendula Skincare

Anti-Inflamatory & Anti-Fungal


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The natural occurring ingredients in the petal heads of calendula have anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties. It’s amazing for itchy, red and inflamed skin, as it soothes and softens. The active ingredient hyaluronan promotes cell regeneration which gives the cheerful calendula flower its signature note of rapid healing, hence it being the wise one’s choice for mending cuts, bruises and wounds, among many of its diverse application

100% Natural Ingredients


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Hand crafted in rural Ireland, Karuna Essentials grow, harvest and create our 100% natural skincare products to produce luxurious soothing balms and creams with diverse applications. 

You can be guaranteed that you are getting 100% quality, care and attention when purchasing any of our Calendula skincare products.

Never Tested on Animals


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Our products are never tested on animals.

Non-GMO & Paraben-Free


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No genetically-engineered ingredients in any of our products, and being paraben-free, they have no harmful chemicals and are gentler on sensitive skin.


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