Shampoo Bar No.3 (for Oily Hair) Nettle, Sage & Lemon Verbena




Be part of the Hair Care Revolution now, with this fantastic ‘inspired’ natural shampoo bar.

No SLS, Parabens or harsh chemicals, this superior hair care product contains a powerhouse of natural ingredients to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the scalp and hair.

Green clay deeply cleanses the scalp and nettle (no, it won’t sting!) helps to regulate oil production.

Lemon juice contains many nutrients for the scalp and helps exfoliate, as well as contributing to voluminous and healthy hair.

Epsom salts are added to boost volume and buoyancy to the hair and panthenol supports shine, softness and strength.

‘Earthy’ people will really love the fragrance of this shampoo bar. The green ingredients along with sage essential oil and lemon verbena contribute to a unique sensory experience.

Go on…..try it!


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Weight 107 kg