Baby Butter Shampoo Bar (for Delicate Skin)


Experience peace of mind using use this safe, gentle, natural, solid shampoo bar on scalp, hair. and body. Perfect for the most delicate skin. NO harsh chemicals. With its yummy ‘baby butter’ fragrance, bath time will be pleasant both for you and for baby. Suitable for children and grown-ups too.

Zero waste. No plastic bottles and no packaging. Its packaging is a simple, elegant organza bag which doubles up to store the bar between uses. Left hanging to dry, away from a water source, prolongs the shelf life of your shampoo bar, and makes it last longer.

Cleans and conditions. It can also be used as a gentle body soap.

Great value.

No SLS or parabens. More skin friendly ingredients including SCI, SLSA, white clay, coconut milk powder, coconut oil, calendula oil and cocoa butter.

Directions for use:

You can gently rub the bar directly onto baby’s skin/hair OR rub the bar onto a soft face flannel, or soft sponge, to be then used to wash baby.  Rinse off .

Hang shampoo bar in bag provided to dry out between uses.  Keeping the bar dry will prolong shelf life and make the bar last longer.

Weight: 65g

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Weight 85 kg