by Claire Ronan | Ocean FM's 'Up and Running ' on Saturday 6th October

Happy Feet Ritual

Happy Feet Ritual My dad probably needs to take the blame, or rather the credit, for instigating my reverence for feet and feeling it very important to take care of them.  Growing up, I saw him wash his feet regularly in a basin and he took great pride in his feet,...

Self-Care isn’t selfish

Self- Care isn’t selfish.   After a very busy Spring and Summer - expanding growth and production capacity - Autumn is prompting me strongly to reflect and put some self–care activities into my schedule. As I experience self-care, I have accepted that invitation...

The magic of Bali

“A fool sees only the garment, the wise sees the soul” I can’t remember when or where I saw this quote a long time ago but it’s so alive in me with the process I’m having with putting my Bali Body Oil and Breath of Bali fragrance on the website. So aware that...

What’s in a name? Mangala Face Cream

Mangala Face CreamWhat’s in a name? Have you ever wondered how names come about for people, places or products? Mangala came through in song. At the time of needing to come up with a name for our face cream, Karen was listening to Terry Oldfield’s ‘Journey into Space’...

Karuna Essentials Calendula Balm is getting around!

Calendula Balm on tourKaruna Essentials Calendula Balm is getting around in some sunny spots this year. We always love to hear how our clients use their Calendula Balm, and where they use it too! One of our clients, Fran recently acquired a jar of balm just on time...

Karuna Essentials at Christmas Markets

Join us this season at the Christmas Markets! One of the many things that I love and appreciate about the calendula plant is that it is very resilient.  It bounces back. When you think you have nothing, or that they aren’t there or have been cut back, they reappear...


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