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Meet Karen

Karen’s career and passions have always been nurture based. With a career background in holistic health and child psychotherapy, she is passionate about and committed to excellence in all that she does.

Humble Beginnings

Karuna Essentials started with curiosity and a creative idea.  Each day when I would enter our poly tunnel the Happy Sunshine orange calendula flowers growing there, would uplift my spirit.

I remembered using calendula ointment on my own children and those in the Kindergarten in which I was involved with many years ago, for cuts, bangs and bumps, for life’s little hurts. The healing was swift. So, could I make my own?

I began experimenting and was super happy with the results.  I then made a small batch to bring to a local car boot sale. Interest was great from the local community and I sold all I had there on the day. After a few more events. People started to get in touch with me telling me how they loved the product and how it had worked on, or helped improve, skin issues of their own and their family members. I then shared it with family and friends who came back with more positive comments and feedback.

And with that I got to work. Beautiful, simple, natural ingredients mixed and blended with some know how, a little magic and good vibration. I was very excited to produce and promote an Irish made, Natural, Calendula product. 

All my life, I have found solace in nature and natural materials. From as early as a young child, through later childhood and beyond I loved to wander through fields and hills picking flowers. When in nature I was, and am, always in awe of the beauty and divine perfection existing in every flower, plant and tree. There are unique properties attached to specific plants which we can harness benefit from. Calendula is one such flower.

Benefits of Calendula

The natural occurring ingredients in the petal heads of calendula have anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties. It’s amazing for itchy, red and inflamed skin, as it soothes and softens. The active ingredient hyaluronan promotes cell regeneration which gives the cheerful calendula flower its signature note of rapid healing, hence it being the wise one’s choice for mending cuts, bruises and wounds, among many of its diverse application. 

A 2013 review of 84 studies on calendula found an impressive array of antiseptic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory benefits, especially for the Calendula officinalis variety. This is the one cultivated by Karuna Essentials and used in all our products.

I feel strongly in people resourcing themselves locally where they can. Hand crafted in rural Ireland, I’m delighted and proud to be able to produce great soothing balms and creams with diverse application. You can be guaranteed that you are getting 100% quality, care and attention when purchasing a Calendula skincare product from Karuna Essentials.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and our 100% natural products.

At Karuna Essentials Nature meets Nurture.

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Karen Stewart - Karuna Essentials - Natural Calendula Skin Tonics