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“Karuna Essentials started with curiosity and a creative idea.  Each day when I would enter our poly tunnel the Happy Sunshine orange calendula flowers growing there would uplift my spirit.

I remembered using calendula ointment on my own children and those in the Kindergarten in which I was involved with many years ago, for cuts, bangs and bumps, for life’s little hurts. The healing was swift. So, could I make my own?

I began experimenting and was super happy with the results.  I then made a small batch to bring to a local car boot sale. Interest was great from the local community and I sold all I had there on the day. After a few more events. People started to get in touch with me telling me how they loved the product and how it had worked on, or helped improve, skin issues of their own and their family members. I then shared it with family and friends who came back with more positive comments and feedback.

And with that I got to work. Beautiful, simple, natural ingredients mixed and blended with some know how, a little magic and good vibration. I was very excited to produce and promote an Irish made, Natural, Calendula product. 

All my life, I have found solace in nature and natural materials. From as early as a young child, through later childhood and beyond I loved to wander through fields and hills picking flowers. When in nature I was, and am, always in awe of the beauty and divine perfection existing in every flower, plant and tree. There are unique properties attached to specific plants which we can harness benefit from. Calendula is one such flower.”

Karen Stewart

Meet Karen

Our Founder

Karen Stewart’s career and passions have always been nurture based. With a career background in holistic health and child psychotherapy, she is passionate about and committed to excellence in all that she does.

Our Mission

At Karuna Essentials we believe that the best quality, natural skincare products  should be simple, affordable and effective,  using active ingredients naturally found in plants to work in harmony with you and your skin.

Self-care isn’t selfish – so treat yourself!

100% natural ingredients

The Benefits of Calendula Skincare

Anti-Inflamatory & Anti-Fungal


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The natural occurring ingredients in the petal heads of calendula have anti-fungal and anti- inflammatory properties. It’s amazing for itchy, red and inflamed skin, as it soothes and softens. The active ingredient hyaluronan promotes cell regeneration which gives the cheerful calendula flower its signature note of rapid healing, hence it being the wise one’s choice for mending cuts, bruises and wounds, among many of its diverse application

100% Natural Ingredients


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Hand crafted in rural Ireland, Karuna Essentials grow, harvest and create our 100% natural skincare products to produce luxurious soothing balms and creams with diverse applications.  You can be guaranteed that you are getting 100% quality, care and attention when purchasing any of our Calendula skincare products.

Never Tested on Animals


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Our products are never tested on animals.

Non-GMO & Paraben-Free


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No genetically-engineered ingredients in any of our products, and being paraben-free, they have no harmful chemicals and are gentler on sensitive skin.

Bali Body Oil: "I had three annoying problems over the last month. So I tried Bali Oil on them all! Dry skin on elbows and arms.....gone! Itchy earlobes caused by an allergic reaction to new earrings.......gone! A bad scratch on my neck from our affectionate cat.....gone! So thank you for another great product. "

- Ruth, repeat customer

Lemon Meringue Foot Butter: "I am a massage therapist and have used Karuna Essentials lemon foot balm for a couple of years now and have recommended it to my clients to use for moisturising dry feet and helping cracks and even helped verruca. I use it every day on my self also great product to keep the skin looking well and healthy. Thank you for making such a great product that is free of all the nasties. My feet greatly appreciate it... thank you "

- Simon, Massage Therapist

Calendula Balm: "I have used Karuna calendula balm for my psoriasis and in just one week have noticed a great difference. After 2 weeks my psoriasis is much calmer and not as itchy or flakey. This is a game changer for me. Its a beautiful product and I intend to buy more. It has a lovely texture and the smell is really nice. I would really recommend Karuna and I am now buying more as gifts for friends. “

-Orla, Wicklow

Calendula Balm: "From the moment you open the Calendula balm, and smell the divine fragrance within, you can tell it is all totally natural with the best possible ingredients used. It smells good enough to eat and you just know that your skin is in for a treat! I have high standards when it comes to the products that I use on my face, and usually go for all natural only. I was offered this wonderful balm to use on sunburn and my face that had been pink, was instantly soothed and did not subsequently peel. Even better to learn that the calendula is home grown with love! 5 star product and highly recommended 🙂 "

-Caroline, Dublin

Mangala Face Cream: “Mangala Cream is fabulous. Super moisturising. Best thing for me at night. My skin feels amazing and the smell is amazing”

-Irma, Strandhill Market Customer

Shampoo Bar: “…used the shampoo bar for the 1st time tonight. It was lovely, gave a great lather too. I was delighted with it.”

-Shauna Lynch, Donegal Town

Shampoo Bar: “The soaps are brilliant, amazing on hair”

-Maura Williamson, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Lemon Meringue Foot Butter: “I am delighted to recommend this beautiful product. As a walker I cannot be without the Lemon Meringue Foot Butter. I have used it now for over two years and find it the best foot product I have ever used on my feet and I have tried a good number of other products. After a good soak I apply the lemon meringue butter and I find it brilliant for keeping my feet in good condition for all my walks. It smells fantastic and so easy to apply. Top marks. Thank you.”

-Rita Joyce, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

Woodland Blend Calendula Balm: “With all the hand washing at the moment I have being using Karen’s special Woodland Blend Calendula Balm and I find it makes my hands feel amazing. It’s smells beautiful and helps to add lovely moisture to my dry hands. My mother who suffers from Raynauld’s is now using the balm and she loves it.”

-Rita Joyce, Castlebar, Co. Mayo

For Men - Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm: “Bought the men's hot cloth cleanser for my teenage son a couple of weeks ago, already can see the difference. Highly recommend, lovely products that smell and feel amazing.”

-Fiona Clancy

Mangala Face Cream: “I would highly recommend this cream! I’ve been telling my friends about it. I could buy 5 of these for the price of one of what I was using, and this one is far better. It’s great and my skin feels so soft.”

-Tina, Frenchpark, Co. Roscommon

Shampoo Bar and Mangala Face Cream: “We find calendula body and hair soap amazing product. so natural gentle on hair and body. beautiful fragrance, long lasting. highly recommend this product. Also find Mangala face cream so gentle and moisturising on skin. As we buy and support local natural organic products, we have to say these are the best we have ever used.”

-Maura Williamson, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim

Mangala Cream & Calendula Balm: (and Mother and Baby) “I use both the Mangala face cream and the Calendula Balm. Both are beautifully crafted products - the face cream smells and feels luxurious. It’s a rich blend that moisturises the skin many layers deep. The Calendula balm should be in every mammy’s nappy bag! It’s an excellent protection balm for the littlest of bums. My two little ones never have nappy rash or discomfort while using this balm. A great local product for me to buy and trust but also a great Irish made product - “keep it country” as they say!”

-Shirley Lackey, Longford

Calendula Balm: “Mother and Baby - I have used Karen's Calendula balm on all 3 of my babies for various things. My oldest little boy suffered terrible with an angry red rash from dribbling as a result of teething and I used it on his little chin with great results, it helped to clear it right up. I used it on my 3rd little boy when he came out in a horrific milk rash all over his little face when he was very small, no more than a few weeks old. It really helped it to reduce the angry look of it. I used it on myself when I was breastfeeding as my little boy was tongue tied and it was very severe on my nipples. It helped to soothe the cracks and the soreness greatly. I also used the calendula oil on my tummy to help with the itchiness I suffered as a result of very extensive stretch marks. It was lovely and really soothed the affected area. It is a definite Mummy-must-have!!!! Couldn't recommend it enough!”

-Shauna Lynch, Donegal Town

Calendula Balm: “I bought the Calendula Balm of Karuna Essentials for my daughter’s eczema. I find this very good for this skin condition as it soothes and moisturises her skin, and she loves the feel of the balm and the scent of it. To us it’s very beneficial for my daughter’s skin.”

-Orla, Longford

Shampoo Bar: “I used my sister’s bar twice and I’m already getting longer time between washes”

-Alyesha Bartley, Galway (Alyesha now has her own bar smile)

Shampoo Bar: “Love Karen's green shampoo bar it's pure and simple - great lather and easy to wash out. My hair feels great and looks great”

-Patricia Mannion, Castlebar

Calendula Balm: "It’s super. Initially we used it for anything and everything, like if you got a hive or any skin condition. Anybody that came to our house that had any issue with the skin, we said “try that”. My mother in law started using it for skin irritations. She used to be scratching a lot. The balm relieving the itching and cleared it right up. Her mother, who is elderly, had speckles on her skin on the face and the balm cleared it right up. When I came back from the market the last day (Strandhill Peoples Market) and I had bought the balm, my sister in law came to the house. She has kittens and they were scratching her alive. We were concerned about cat’s claw scar. My husband was outside working with concrete and wood. He got cuts all across the tops of his fingertips. It seriously helped clear it up so quickly in a couple of days. He finds it fantastic as well. It’s good for everything really."

-Lorraine Mc Hugh   Ballinaglera, Co.Leitrim.

Calendula Balm and Lip Balm: “I've been using this balm for nearly 3 years now. After trying out loads of products in the market, I finally found THY ONE. This balm is a game changer for everything, everyone and never fails to amaze me of the endless healing possibilities that it can support. From preventing or clearing nappy rash instantly, healing angry skin, smoothing bumpy skin, sealing burns, reducing itchiness with nettle rashes to being the balm for a wee self care treatment during the harsh weathers, it literally is an essential MUST have in my press. I ALWAYS ensure I have 2/3 jars in the press. 2 for myself and 1 for others as they present skin issues and after everyone uses it, they go away to source it too. During the autumn/winter seasons, my lips require a lot of moisture and care. I'm amazed that the natural, compact, healing and protective layering that this gives me and the sweet taste of it, mmmm... prompts me to reapply more 🙂 Love the softness & support it is giving me.”

-Maire Mc Fadden, Milford, Co. Donegal

Calendula Balm: “Delighted to have found a product that agrees with me as I have very sensitive skin and usually react to all other brands. My boyfriend is big into his tattoos and has found this product to be the most effective for speeding up the healing process.”

-Sarah Jane Daly, Boyle, Co.Roscommon

Calendula Balm : I used it on my son when he got a wasp sting and it eased it straight away. It’s the magic cream in our house.

-Derval, Co. Monaghan.

Calendula Balm and Lip Balm: “Having suffered for many years with ‘itchy ears’, the only solution offered to me was an antibiotic cream. I didn’t like the thought of constantly using an antibiotic cream so when I was offered a pot of Calendula Balm I decided to give it a try. It has eased the dryness in the ears and the itchiness feeling has decreased. I now put the balm in my ears before and after a shower. I have stopped the antibiotic cream and intend to stay with the Calendula Balm. I also keep their lip balm in my car and it’s fantastic for dry chapped lips.”

-Jea Foy, Therapist in Co.Mayo

Calendula Balm: “ I suffer from really dry and flaky eczema around my eyes. I was using many over the counter treatments and steroid creams prescribed y the doctor with very little relief. Knowing some of the harmful ingredients in these I needed to find a better solution. With the use of the calendula balm the dryness around my eyes has reduced immensely. I only need to apply it after showers and once in the mornings. It has also improved the eczema as well with breakouts being less and less frequent. I am extremely happy with this product and will continue to purchase in the future.”

-Chris, Maynooth

Mangala Face Cream : "Simply put, Mangala is the best moisturising cream I have ever used. My dry, sensitive skin is hydrated and soft and feels completely rejuvenated. Many thanks."

– Rione Kilcullen, Co. Mayo

Calendula Balm: “Miracle work! I’ve had a patch of psoriasis on each elbow left over from a bad outbreak 7 years ago. I started using the Calendula balm and within a few uses the flakey top layer was completely gone. I’ve continued to use the product for the last 6 weeks and my elbows are now completely smooth and the angry red colour now only a little pink and a lot less noticeable. The smell of the product is divine also so I look forward to putting it on morning and night! 10/10”

– Dearbhaile Mc Namara, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

"I know this cream is pure natural goodness for my skin. When applied, it is easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, soft, supple and protected. As a woman of 46 I have noticed over the past few years that skin has become drier and duller. I have tried many skincare products to enhance the feel and appearance of my skin and have found it difficult to find a good moisturiser that works well for me. This works perfectly. Knowing that all the ingredients are natural and have been carefully selected and blended is a huge bonus and strengthens my belief that my skin is getting the nourishment and goodness that it need”."

– Anne Marie, Co. Roscommon

Mangala Face Cream: "I will never be able to speak highly enough about this product- a cream, at last, that satisfies and refreshes my skin. I have tried so many other products but found none as effective for the dryness and sensitivity of my skin. Mangala Face Cream has the “X factor”, leaving my skin feeling naturally hydrated and alive. The combination of calendula balm and cream has, I found, effectively cleared nasty spots faster.”

- Mary-Jo, Co. Donegal

"This is such an amazing natural product! Grown locally in Boyle by the inspirational Karen Stewart. We have used it daily for the last ten months on our little boys skin to prevent nappy rash and it works a treat… Great for skin irritations and burns too. We would highly recommend it."

– Patrick Kellegher, Author of Badger Books

Calendula Balm: “And not just for humans.. initially I got it for my dog’s paws when she got cracked pads when we were on staycation last year.. helped to heal it and now we just all use it for whatever.. akin breakouts, grazes etc.. Best product I've found in a long time.. so happy to give the feedback!”

– Julie Brophy, Balbriggan, Dublin

Mangala Face Cream: “I have been using Mangala Face Cream for a number of years. It is so refreshing and gives my skin a healthy glow. I am also using Calendula Balm. It’s great for any skin ailment.”

– Teresa Kelly, Collooney, Co. Sligo

Mangala Face Cream: “I have been using Mangala Face Cream for a number of years. It is so refreshing and gives my skin a healthy glow. I am also using Calendula Balm. It’s great for any skin ailment.”

– Maria Payne, UK


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